• Bowling- an activity right up a politician’s alley

    If bowling nights don’t make you want to join PJs, what will? On Friday, April 1, members of the STA Peace and Justice Club went to a bowling fundraiser at Classic Bowl, raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters initiatives

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  • The Real Housewives of Salem

    Back in March, Aquinas.me promised a follow-up to The Crucible, and here it is. Eight of the characters were interviewed, getting their in-depth opinions about real events of the play. Through honesty, wittiness, and pure anger,

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  • Girls just want to have fun

    Back in February, female staff and senior students ran a Girl’s Night In event for the junior girls here at STA. The event was headed up by Ms. Maciel, who has had much experience in running the event. “I co-chaired

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  • PJs Retreat Day

    On March 22, the STA PJs held their annual Retreat Day in the school, bringing in different charities from around Oakville and the GTA to speak to the group, engaging them even more in the community, as well as allowing time for

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  • STA Goes Overseas

    Over the March Break, Mr. MacKenzie and nine lucky students traveled overseas to England and the Netherlands, Not for a credit or any sort of schoolwork, simply because they all had the desire to travel and the school had planned

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  • Unlocking the Past with Sarah’s Key

    On Wednesday March 9, book club members converged in the library over a sweet feast of cupcakes, cookies and chocolate eggs to discuss thoughts on their latest find – Tatiana de Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key.  The discussion

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  • Ancient Bound Manuscript Finds Loving Home

    Photos of the bound manuscript. Amongst dust bunnies and abandoned things within a church basement in New York, an abandoned bound manuscript was desperately longing for a home. Its story is truly mind – blowing. The

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  • The Secret Life of a Model Member of Provincial Parliament

       Premier Kathleen Wynne speaking to Ontario Model Parliament participants.     Within the massive stone building of the Ontario Legislature at Queen’s Park in Toronto, the laws that govern the lives of all

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  • A Season of Love

        STA’s sweethearts: Veronica Mendez and Malcolm McIvor.            Along with Black History month, February is also a time associated with love thanks to Valentine’s Day. One amazing couple who shared their

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  • The Noose is Up

    I freeze, I freeze! While the weather is cold outside, the school play goes on. Come see STA’s brilliant new production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, running now until Saturday. Do you like, murder? Deception?

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