• 20 Questions Avec Mlle. Pernar

    Mlle. Pernar is my French teacher, almost certified scuba instructor, and speaker of many languages. Although not completely new to STA, she is quite an interesting person to get to know. I asked her the following questions so

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  • STA Novice Debaters Emerge Victorious

    It all went down on Saturday October 24th, 2015. The STA Grade 9 Novice Debating team, comprised of eager contenders Saim Irfan, Ibrahim Hasan, Katie Power, and Michael Thomson were up bright and early last Saturday. By 7:30am,

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  • Life In Grade 9 Pre-IB

    Life in Grade 9 Pre-IB, in my opinion, is a really neat place to be in high school. It’s a collection of students who devote their weeks to working hard, and a place where it is cool to work hard and get good grades. For the

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  • Raider’s Football Gets to Work

    The Raider’s football season is off to an exciting start!

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  • The Martian

    Think of a time when you were lonely. Maybe your friends all went out for lunch without you. Or you had homework or a project so you couldn’t go to that awesome party that people kept posting pictures of on Instagram. Even

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  • Some call it stalking, I call it ‘gazing’

    As anyone who went into Toronto between September 10-20 will tell you, TIFF is the place to be for celebrity stalking…uhhh I meant gazing… yeah… “gazing” For those who don’t know what TIFF is,

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  • A Transformation Like No Other

    On October 19, 2015, Canada will change forever. Canadians from coast to coast to coast will have the opportunity to make their voices heard, and vote for the politician they want to be the next great leader of this country.

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  • Lines, and textures, and brushstrokes, oh my!

    The art club is officially back for another year at STA. Every Tuesday after school, student artists meet in room 304, the art room, to paint, gather inspiration, and spend time with their friends amongst the smell of paper and

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  • Anime Aficionados Draw Together

    For a group of 54 students, there is a simple, non-mathematical equation that makes them smile: Thursdays plus room 218 equals anime club. This group meets every week on Thursday after school in Mr. Catlin’s classroom, room

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  • Club Dives into Books

    On Wednesday October 14, 2015, something amazing, mysterious, and slightly philosophical was underfoot in the depths of the library. Members of the book club met to discuss the very first book of the school year, which was We

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